Monday, August 24, 2009

School =[

Yes...I do realize I havn't posted on this in absolutely forever but I was really busy during the summer. I made over $300 showing sheep so it was a pretty good summer although it was really busy I guess lol.

But today school started up again =[ I am a Junior this year which means only one more year to go =] lol. I was really happy to see all my friends again but the people that really annoy me, yeah I can't say I missed seeing them during the summer. I am also really glad to get my computer back so hopefully I will post on here more often lol =]

The Turner County Fair just got over and it was awesome except it went by too fast and we also started volleyball practice last week =] I am really excited for the volleyball season! Our first game is next tuesday the 1st in Viborg if anyone wants to come lol. The SD State Fair is in 2 weeks and I am super duper excited for that b/c i get to spend all week with my girls Jam and Ell =] just like old times lol...except those old times were just last year lol

Well that's about all I can think of for now lol =]