Friday, October 2, 2009

Finally Friday =]

So today is finally Friday and I could not be more excited! Except for the fact that it is cold and rainy and I have to go cheer at a football game tonight. I'm not really looking forward to that part. Then tomorrow I have an Eye Appointement in Sioux Falls and hopefully I can go shopping for a little while before that and then my volleyball team is playing in the Championship game for our Conference tournament. Then on Sunday I am going to Sioux Falls again to go shopping and then we are eating supper with one of my friends and his dad. It should be a fun but busy weekend I guess. Well the final bell is going to ring in a few minutes and my computer is going to die shortly so here I go. Wish me luck with my weekend =]

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Espanol 2..haha

Right now you would find me sitting in Spanish 2 class and we are taking notes for a test but I really just don't want to pay attention lol. Monday night we had a volleyball game against Irene/Wakonda and in the 3rd game I twisted my ankle a little bit so I've been icing it some and taping it for practice but it really isn't that bad anymore.

On another note, I've talked to #26 twice just this week =] It's not going as well as I would like, but it's a start [haha]

But I spose I better focus on Spanish for at least a little while now. Tata for now =]

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wanna go shake a tent?!?

So the South Dakota State Fair was last weekend and I had a blast. Some of the things that happened I could have lived without but it was fun anyways. I am never going to forget the stuff we did this year; it was such a blast.

So...there's this guy that is like a family friend I guess. Well my dad and his dad are friends so whatevery you call that I guess lol. But anyways I think he is really good looking and cool and I think he might like me too because my friends keep telling me that they see him staring at me so that's cool I guess lol. But he's really shy so I'm not really sure if he even likes me. But I do like him and I think I'm going to have to make the first move or whatever. But the thing is, the last time I did that I kinda got my heart broken and I still haven't completely recovered from that. I think I'll probably just have to suck it up and do it though because I do really like him.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So a while back I asked my dad if I could get texting and he told me that if I wanted it I would have to pay for it. Well all summer I saved my money from sheep shows and now have over $350 and tonight I asked him about it and he still said no!!! It makes me so mad because he said one thing and now is doing another. Whatever, I'll forget about it over the weekend hanging out with my girls Ell and Jam

Monday, August 24, 2009

School =[

Yes...I do realize I havn't posted on this in absolutely forever but I was really busy during the summer. I made over $300 showing sheep so it was a pretty good summer although it was really busy I guess lol.

But today school started up again =[ I am a Junior this year which means only one more year to go =] lol. I was really happy to see all my friends again but the people that really annoy me, yeah I can't say I missed seeing them during the summer. I am also really glad to get my computer back so hopefully I will post on here more often lol =]

The Turner County Fair just got over and it was awesome except it went by too fast and we also started volleyball practice last week =] I am really excited for the volleyball season! Our first game is next tuesday the 1st in Viborg if anyone wants to come lol. The SD State Fair is in 2 weeks and I am super duper excited for that b/c i get to spend all week with my girls Jam and Ell =] just like old times lol...except those old times were just last year lol

Well that's about all I can think of for now lol =]

Sunday, February 1, 2009

1 week

So as some of you may know, I started having problems with my hip flexers last year during track. Well they were fine over the summer and throughout volleyball but once basketball started, they were hurting again. So on thursday morning (January 29th) I went to the chiropractor and he put my hip back into place and said that I can't do anything for basketball except shoot around for 1 week. So during practice, I lay on the floor and ice my hips and then usually shoot around a little after that. Tomorrow we have a game and I really wish I could play but its only a varsity game so that's not bad I guess. But then I still have a few more days left until I can start doing stuff again on the 6th.

Last night our boys basketball team played in the conference tournament championship against Freeman Acadamy and won!! Both our girls team, who is still undefeated, and our boys team won the conference tournament this year!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I hate being sick :(

So I've been sick for the past about two weeks now and it really sucks. Yesterday I stayed home from school because I like could hardly talk or breathe through my nose. So I stayed home and slept and watched part of the inauguration of Barack Obama. So I really hope I get better soon because I am sick of being sick!

As for everything else, our Varsity Girls Basketball team won the Tri-Valley Conference tournament for the third year in a row. We had a game on monday night against Freeman public and we beat them 73-49. We are now 12-0 on the season.

Thats about all for now :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

:( School

On new year's eve, I went into Viborg and hung out with some friends. That was a blast. Since then has been pretty boring though. I've pretty much just been going to basketball practices, one cheerleading practice here and there and taking naps at home.

Last night, the Colts played the Chargers in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. Unfortunately they lost :'(...I was not a very happy camper after the game.

So...tomorrow I start school again (this is a very depressing subject for me). I am really sick of school, and I still have 2 years to go :(. I'm excited to get my tablet back but I don't want to have the classes that come with it.