Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Wow! I just realized I haven't posted on here in forever. I guess i just havent had time with school, FFA and hunting. I'll do my best to summarize the past about month in this one post lol.

WEll...National Convention came and went faster than i would have hoped but it was still a blast. Most of the time I hung out with the kids that were there from West Central. We went to High School Musical 3 the day it came out (i loved it, you should go see it if you havent) and we all had so many inside jokes that are still funny. It sucked when convention was over though; not just leaving all of my West Central friends but leaving Indianapolis. Even when you are there for only a few days, it starts to feel like home. O yeah, and I saw Taylor Swift when i was there...frickin amazing!! I recorded some of it too so I will have to try posting videos otherwise most of them are on my facebook page.

After we got home from convention, I had a volleyball game or two and then it was halloween! We had a dance at school this year and it was kinda gay at first but it wasnt too bad after a while. I brought one of my friends from west central and all of my girl friends were like is he your boyfriend and im like no we're just have no idea how many times i got asked that.

Then we had Districts for volleyball and we were ranked second so we got a bye for the first round. But in our game we played Hurley. We always hate playing Hurley because they always play their best against us and it is always a really hard game. But anyways, the first game we won by quite a bit but then they won the next 3. Our season was done. It sucked so bad especially since we lost to Hurley it was like 27 times worse than just the season being over. But we will beat them next year.

Then I had an ortho appointment, which i know isnt that big of deal happened needless to say. And it was my first appointment since about the beginning of August :S oops...but i got chains on the top and the bottom and it just really sucked. That night, we had our district CDEs for FFA and I was in Ag. Broadcasting, Job Interview, Marketing Plan and Sr. Parli. Pro (i wasnt supposed to be in it but i got forced at the last minute). So that was a really busy night and then game time for the awards...Ag. Broadcasting - 4th place, 3rd place: ALI RIST FROM VIBORG!!!! That meant that i was going to state leadership!!! My marketing plan team got second so we are also going to state for that. Then on the way home it was like freezing rain and there was ice on the road, obviously since it was freezing rain DUH!! lol.

And i think that is finally about it for that took forever considering i kept getting distracted by other things lol. Now hopefully I dont get so far behind again. =D

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